John McKay

Thursday, Sept. 10, Gov. Inslee trumpeted his visit to tiny Malden, WA in Whitman County. It's the town that made national headlines when 80 percent of it's buildings (including historic structures and a 100 year old bridge) were destroyed by a rampaging wildfire on Labor Day. He issued a couple of press releases that he would be visiting the area, and would present relief plans for Whitman County.

Of the area's 130 homes, only 27 remain, according to the Mayor. The last census lists the town has having 230 people. KIRO-TV reported Inslee told the people he would be freeing up "several hundred thousand" dollars of relief money and then launched into a dissertation about "climate change," blaming  the fires on global warming.

However, we've come into information from a woman who was actually at his visit, and this is now she described it. The woman's name is being withheld for safety and security reasons, but we had a chance to vet the information and it is legitimate. This is what actually happened during his visit (from her Facebook post):

 "Yesterday (her post was from Friday 9-11) I witnessed something appalling and disheartening. The Governor speaking to the town's folk of Malden. I went down there with a friend to make a donation and listen to the Governor.

(We omitted her paragraph explaining what happened to Malden. It's included in screen shots of her posts, below).

   He literally talked for 5 minutes. He began by stating that Malden was the heart of Washington and proceeded to give the Mayor a box of apples. Okay...then he said more blah-blah that literally had no heart to it (just politician speech). As I watched the crowd , who you could tell were anxious to ask questions, he shared he would try to get them disaster relief but most likely they wouldn't receive it. YES-he told this community they probably wouldn't get help. WHY would he say that? 

 Then he told them he would like to come back someday in the future to ride on a proposed bike trail. Then thanked the community, shook hands with the Mayor...

 and left. 

   NOT ONE question was taken. He actually walked away so fast it was almost a run. People, to include myself, stood there dumbfounded. A couple of people chased after him to confront him with questions. He then got in a car and went up to the end of the road and set up to be interviewed on camera (no doubt the KIRO and others-added by us).

 If that is not a photo op, I don't know what is. It was awful. If you saw the devastation, you would agree too.  The town's folk lost everything, and were left hanging by the their Governor. Shameful."

Below are screenshots of the actual post.