Authorities say a driver who saw the vehicle on news coverage called them to say they'd seen the missing vehicle belonging to a woman officials believe has been murdered.

Franklin County Sheriff's are not specifically saying how they came to that conclusion, but their investigation into the disappearance of 54-year-old Estella Torres Rodriguez has led them to believe she died in a violent assault in her home on or around March 28th.

She was last seen around 10pm that night, then was reported missing early the next morning by family, from her home in north Franklin County. Sheriff's and others are searching for Tiburco Larious Rodriguez, 63, and 34-year-old Clemente Rodriguez Torres who are the suspects.

Officials say Estella's Buick Rendevous was found abandoned at the Rest Stop not far from Othello on Highway 395 near the Adams County line.  It is believed the two suspects are or were headed West. No word if they were spotted anywhere near the vehicle.

Based upon evidence, officials believe the two suspects likely dumped her body somewhere between her home and the Yakima county line to the West.

Crime Scene Investigators are now searching the vehicle for any evidence. The hunt for the two suspects continues.

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