Seems this guy was busy. Unlike most car prowlers, this guy stole a vehicle, then used it to drive around Kennewick, looking for other vehicles to break into.

Police were alerted about 6:23am Monday morning from a victim, who said their SUV was taken from outside their home while it was warming up. A short time later, after police were not initially able to locate the vehicle, an assault report came in from the 2200 block of West 13th.

The victim told police they'd come across a younger man rifling through his car. When he confronted the man, the suspect hit him in the face. The vehicle he fled in matched the description of the stolen SUV, and officers were able to locate Cody Stickley. He actually tried to tell police the stolen SUV was his. He was identified as the assault suspect by the victim, and now he's facing multiple charges.

Police remind people, do NOT leave unlocked vehicles unattended when warming up in the a.m. or any hour for that matter. Invest in a remote starter or lock the vehicle after starting the engine.

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