The incidents happened early last Friday, but Pasco Police are turning to the public for additional tips.

Around 2AM that day, two suspects were seen prowling cars near Road 80 and Agate, and were captured on surveillance video entering a truck and stealing a revolver and ammo from the console.

Then a short time later, near Road 78 and Ruby, barking dogs woke up a resident. He went out into the driveway and saw two suspects trying to break into cars next door. Apparently his locked doors on his truck discouraged them.

The citizen confronted them, and they ran to their getaway car, a red, older, boxy style Honda Accord. But in the process, they dropped the gun and ammunition.

A an investigation later that day by Pasco Police turned up several other residents in the area who were victims, as they had not locked their vehicles.

Although the suspects were captured on camera, Police remind citizens that night vision video and that clothing and hoodies that appear lighter are just 'warmer' as the infrared picks up temperature hues.

Anyone with any information on these break ins is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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