A 28-year-old Kennewick man is in the Franklin County jail on multiple felony counts after he allegedly stole a car Sunday. He was arrested Monday by officers.

Juan Antonio Calderon was spotted by residents in the park around 2:40PM, when police were told a shirtless strangely acting man was prowling cars. As officers headed that way, they passed a car that Calderon had actually stolen.  Because he was driving in a calm manner, and they hadn't been alerted just yet, the suspect got past them.

It seems a man was visiting another resident, had his trunk and driver door open and keys in the car because they were unloading some wheels and rims. Calderon jumped in, started the car and drove off with the owner/victim hanging on to the back.  He finally dropped off after about 30 feet because it appeared Calderon was going to hit a parked truck.

The Monday, one of the responding police, Officer Mario Becho, had to make a stop at the nearby Loyalty Inn and he spotted the suspect. He was promptly arrested. More followup led police to a location in Kennewick where the stolen car was located.

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