Juco, one of the K-9 'officers' with the Pasco police department, has keen ears and is smart. That's him, watching over the car who's driver he had just run down and bagged when he fled.

Wednesday morning around 2am, he was with his handler near the Pasco Walmart. Juco, says officers, perked up his ears when he heard what sounded like a car alarm coming from the store's parking lot.

Upon investigation, as the officer rolled up, the apparent driver came running out from the store, pressing the key fob, trying to get it to stop. In the process, the officer noticed the car had NO license plates. This aroused his suspicions. The man actually gave the officer his ID, and the policeman said he would return when he confirmed the car was not stolen. The alarm had been silenced by this time.

Turns out, the car WAS reported stolen and the driver, Jason Pellerin of LaGrande, OR then fled on foot. Juco was quickly turned loose from his back seat perch and ran him down. Police say Pellerin and his girlfriend allegedly stole the vehicle, drove to Tri-Cities to pick up a friend. Police also found meth in the vehicle, and some other stolen property.

A perfect example of 'crime makes you stupid'  or perhaps, stupid people commit stupid crimes?

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