Car wash change machines are not exactly small, or easy to remove.

That means this guy must have been a bit desperate. Sunday night, Kennewick Police were alerted to an attempted theft at Snods Car Wash in the 200 block of North Washington Street.

It seems the suspect, identified later as Randy Rodgers, was attempting to remove the change machine when the owners happened to stop by.

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Rodgers fled, but was followed by the owner. They were able to give a description of him and his vehicle, and KPD apprehended him. He's now facing felony theft charges.

The typical car wash change machine is not exactly small. According to some we saw online, they weight anywhere from 28-35 pounds, often come with capability to tie into a security system, and you can't just pry them out of the wall without some serious tools.

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Rodger's efforts might not have been that worth it, because most of them 'only' have capacity for $250 to $300 worth of quarters. That's not exactly a huge haul for that much work.

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