Although it hasn't been officially confirmed by authorities,  sources are saying the suspect vehicle is the same one carjacked from a woman Sunday night near the Cable Bridge in Kennewick.

(UPDATE) The suspect in the assault on a trucker on I-84 near Ontario has been identified. Dustin L. Rotter was arrested for the alleged stabbing of the Idaho truck driver. Rotter, reportedly from Modesto, CA is believed to be the man who carjacked the Buick away from a woman Sunday night near the Cable Bridge.   (PREVIOUS)  A 63-year-old Idaho man sustained non-life threatening injuries Monday when he was assaulted by a suspect on Interstate 84 near Ontario, OR.

Just after noon,  Charles D. Vanzante was driving his semi-truck towing two milk tankers about 15 miles west of Ontario when a Buick Lacrosse with Washington plates suddenly began ramming the trucks diesel tanks.

After Vanzante pulled over, the suspect driving the car jumped out and stabbed Vanzante several times. According to the Oregon State Patrol, the suspect then fled up a hill nearby, then returned and tried to begin fighting Vanzante again.  Several other motorists stopped and were able to detain the suspect until Oregon State Troopers arrived and took the man into custody at gunpoint.

The suspect's identity has not yet been released.  He's in the Malheur County jail, facing attempted murder charges, and numerous other charges may be pending.

Officials say the car was reported stolen out of Pasco.    KEPR-TV is reporting it's the same vehicle that was carjacked from a 51-year-old woman Sunday night just South of the Cable Bridge in Kennewick on Highway 397.  In that incident, the woman saw a man walking in the road, and stopped to ask if he needed help.  The suspect forced her and her two dogs from the vehicle, and drove away towards Finley.   Pictures of the vehicle show the vehicle from the trucker assault is the same make, model and color as the Buck Lacrosse from the carjacking.

More details are expected to be released soon.


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