If it's successful, a new chemical treatment could potentially keep you from ever having to see the dentist again.

Not that we have anything against dentists,  but researchers in Chile have created an application that when put on your teeth would eliminate all cavity-causing bacteria in just 60 seconds.  The chemical, which can be added to toothpaste or other dental cleaning products, targets what is called the 'strepococcus mutans,' the bacteria that turns sugar into lactic acid.  Lactic acid erodes tooth enamel, causing cavities.

The product, which has been undergoing testing and development for 7 years, could be commercially available by late 2013, or early 2014.  It would keep your mouth 'lactic free' for at least several hours after application. Of course, here in the states, it will (if released) probably lag well behind the rest of the world because the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is awfully slow in testing and approving breakthrough products - even if they are proven to be successful. And with the approval of Obamacare, who knows where the state of dental care will be down the road!

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