WA State Patrol says charges pending for rider (WSP)
WA State Patrol says charges pending for rider (WSP)







UPDATE---see below story 

The Washington State Patrol says charges are pending for a motorcycle rider following a Monday night crash.

   Motorcycle tries to pass truck and trailer

Around 7:50 PM, the WSP says the motorcycle rider and a passenger were southbound on SR 397 near the Kennewick city limits when the bike attempted to pass a truck towing a trailer as the truck was turning into a parking lot.

According to the WSP, the motorcycle struck the truck, spilling the rider and their passenger. Both were wearing helmets, said WSP Troopers. KVEW-TV reports they were taken to an area hospital, but their condition is not known.

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WSP says drugs or alcohol were NOT a factor, but charges are pending against the motorcycle rider. What those charges are is not yet known.

UPDATE--  KEPR-TV and WSP are reporting the woman who was a passenger on the motorcycle driven by 44-year-old Samual Ramos of Richland has died from injuries in the crash. 41-year-old Monique Garcia of Pasco reportedly died around 1:20 AM Tuesday, according to WSP Troopers. 

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