Critics are already branding them as ambulance chasers.

A Chicago-based law firm said late Tuesday they plan to sue Boeing Aircraft Company in the wake of the Asiana Airlines 777 crash earlier this month at San Francisco.

Three people died as a result of the crash, which is still being investigated.   According to numerous media reports, including Fox News,  it appears pilot inexperience or error led to the crash.   Several flight and crash experts have examined the flight path, speed and altitude of the plane as it approached the airport and determined the pilots were flying too low, descending too fast, and did not maintain the proper airspeed.

Some of these experts have also claimed the pilots should have had plenty of warning, and did not try to power back up and abort the landing in time.  Multiple media sources including NBC, and the Vancouver Sun - citing information from government sources - are saying pilot error was likely one of the factors in the accident.

Nonetheless, Ribbick Law Chartered from Chicago plans to file a suit on behalf of 83 people who were on board.  The firm says the crash might have been caused by a faulty auto-throttle.  They also claim some of the sliding escape ramps inflated inside the plane injuring passengers and blocking their exit.

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