Police now say a citizen greatly helped officers apprehend two would-be burglar suspects on Sunday evening.

Authorities say a motorist driving in the 600 block of South Owen around 6:10PM called to report what appeared a person trying to pry open a door at some apartments, while the other one appeared to be acting as a lookout.

The driver shouted at the suspects who then fled to a nearby getaway car (pictured in story).  The citizen followed them and continued to give police a complete description of the vehicle. It just so happened that Officer Adrian Analez was nearby on patrol and promptly stopped the vehicle.

Of the five occupants, two of them, Josef Simeon Stueckle, of Kennewick, and Melanie Nicole Roberts, both 25 years old of Kennewick, were found to be the burglar and look out, and now they're in the Franklin County Jail. Damage to the front door of the apartment and other evidence tied them to the scene. Their car was also impounded and is being searched because a K-9 alerted on it for possible drugs.

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