An unnamed citizen wound up helping Kennewick police apprehend a suspect who had gotten combative with authorities.

Around 6:30pm Tuesday,  police responded to the Macy's Department store at Columbia Center, where they encountered Mikhail Barbarosh, 28, of Pasco.   He had become physically combative with store personnel after allegedly shoplifting.  As he fled to the parking lot, he was tackled by a bystander, who was able to restrain him until police arrived.

As they dealt with the still resisting Barbarosh, 19-year-old Melinda Carter of Kennewick, an accomplice, drove up in their car, and began yelling at officers.  When they attempted to get her to back up, she refused, and attempted to slap an officer.  She also called the officer a "cheap whore" before she was quickly taken down and placed in the back of a police car without further incident.

Barbarosh is in the Benton County jail facing 1st Degree Robbery and other possible charges, while Carter is facing obstruction and resisting arrest charges, and could be charged with 3rd. degree assault.

Barbarosh's car is in the impound, being searched for stolen property.

We say, next time, let them meet Mr. Tazer!    But that's just our opinion.

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