You think you are in love and you've meet the love of your life online but there is one hitch. Your true love needs money for a plane ticket to finally bring you both together and you'll do whatever takes to make it happen...except sadly it doesn't quite go your way.

The City of Hermiston is reminding those searching for love to save their money as there is no daily flight into Hermiston and a lot of cat fishing lately has caught a few residents by

The City posted this message on their Facebook page:

Catfish Alert:

If you’ve found the love of your life online and they ask you to send them money for a plane ticket to fly in to the Hermiston Municipal Airport; you’re being catfished.

Unfortunately, we’ve become aware of at least four people within the last couple of months who sent their online romances $800, or more, for plane tickets and then went to the Hermiston Airport to meet their online boyfriend/girlfriend who then never showed up.

For the record, the last daily commercial flight in to Hermiston was…never.

Many of us are looking for love; however, some of us settle for cake. So, in short, save $800 +/- and a lot of grief, and buy cake!

I think I agree with the City of Hermiston, save your money and buy the cake. Love will find you and you shouldn't haven't to open up your wallet to fly them anywhere.

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