After a public meeting and hearing, Kennewick City officials have announced a multi-step plan they say will not only make Zintel Canyon safer, but also increase access for visitors and hikers.

The efforts were largely spurred on because of a series of 9 suspicious fires that broke out in the greenbelt area in South Central Kennewick near 10th ave this year. Users and hikers have also reported an increase in suspicious activity at times.

Now after a hearing held October 24th, city officials say these improvements will help. They include:

  • Cutting back dead and clogging underbrush and growth, without changing the overall shape and appeal of the greenbelt and trail area. This will help widen the trail, allowing more and safer access.
  • Installing trail 'mile' marker posts, which will allow hikers and users to better know where they are, and will help in reporting incidents by giving specific locations.
  • Coming soon, dog stations with baggies and bins to allow for pickup of waste. This was one growing complaint as well from users.
  • Increased police patrols, with officers saying they will 'clear out' late night visitors, or those obviously loitering in the area.

It is believed these measures, especially increased patrols and cutting back dead brush which could potentially provide 'visually hidden' pockets, will help curb negative activity in the area.

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