The City of Spokane is getting serious about moving snow, to the point where cars are going to be towed. Many times, people will find a snowplow went around their car, leaving a ridge of snow they have to drive through. But not anymore.

According to information released by the city, and KREM-2 TV, new efforts are being made to move vehicles so city crews can more effectively plow snow from major streets, even in residential areas.

According to KREM-2's 'On Your Side' feature, plowing times and dates will be announced to the public this week, which zones of the city will be plowed at what times. Officials say citizens will be responsible for making sure  their cars are not parked curbside or in other as where the plows will be operating. If not, they will be towed.

Even if your car is broken or can't move, it will still be taken away. Officials say there are some areas where cars parked alongside streets will not hinder the plows, but especially in the crowded downtown Browne's Addition and other neighborhoods with narrow streets, the rules will be in effect.

Officials say if you find your car's been towed you have to contact the Spokane Police Department. Officials say this isn't that new, other major cities that regularly get a lot of snow have similar laws in place, and have had so for years.


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