With the near record amounts of snowfall coming down, the City of Richland is reminding residents they're working as fast as they can, and to be patient. But they've also utilized social media to help.

Tuesday, the city released information about it's most current snow removal and plowing schedules and priorities.

The city said main roads and routes, the most heavily traveled or most in need of snow removal to allow travel, are the first priority. They will then begin to address neighborhoods, especially those with larger more traveled streets.

The city is even utilizing backhoes in some areas to help with snow removal and plowing, although they stress these are not quite as fast as the road graders and plows.

The city has begun clearing some cul-de-sacs and back roads with these backhoes. They also ask citizens to help keep an eye on their neighbors, especially those who are elderly or at risk who have more difficulty clearing snow and getting out of their homes. If you know of someone who needs removal for medical or other health related reasons, you can notify the city at (509)-942-7730. Less emergency areas of concern for snow removal can also be posted on the city's Facebook page.

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