Wilbur Ellis plant cleanup has begun (GCSO)
Wilbur Ellis plant cleanup has begun (GCSO)

The Grant County Sheriff's Office says cleanup efforts have begun at the burned Wilbur Ellis fertilizer plant near Moses Lake.

 Even 8 days after the fire, there are still some smoldering hot spots

Grant County Fire District 5, and several contracted cleanup crews are beginning the long process of getting rid of the debris, ash, and leftover chemicals from the plant, which burned to the ground on October 23rd.

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The GCSO says there are still smoldering hot spots that were being extinguished, although there have been no more emissions of toxic fumes, according to air monitoring efforts.

According to the GCSO:

"With hot spots still present on site and excavation in progress, we continue to advise the public to stay away from the immediate area and avoid any areas where you can see or smell smoke."

 According to Townsquare Media Radio Station KPQ-AM in Wenatchee, the building was designed if it caught fire, it would collapse internally onto itself, preventing the further spread of debris. But that has created a large pile of smoldering buried wreckage.

As of Tuesday, November 1st, there has been no official statement about what triggered the massive fire.

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