For folks who have have championed the environment for so long, who have accused other political parties of being insensitive to nature and such, this seems rather 'smelly.'

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division is investigating the alleged dumping of dozens of gallons of raw human waste and sewage from a DNC (Democratic National Committee) Clinton campaign bus in Lawrenceville, GA.

According to CBS-46 TV, a passer by captured some of the dumping on film. Video shows dark fluid spattering out from under the bus, as it was pulled over on top of a storm drain. Much like the signs you see around the Columbia Basin that read "only rain in the drain,"  the same goes for this area as well. The bus had come from a campaign stop near a voting precinct earlier in the day.

Local police arrived  found toilet paper shreds on the pavement and there was a very foul smell coming from the storm drain. When contacted, the DNC said it was an honest mistake, and they will work with Georgia officials to ensure any waste and damage are taken care of properly.

No word if any DNC campaign literature was included in the discarded waste.

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