Based upon the damage to the car, and injuries to the driver,  he had to have torn up at least some of the area he crashed.

A 24-year old Pasco man is facing reckless driving charges after allegedly crashing, then abandoning his car in Columbia Park sometime over the weekend.

James Garcia was arrested Sunday after police traced the vehicle to him.   Around 6:40 am Sunday morning, a woman driving through the park East of the Edison St. entrance noticed a badly damaged gold 2004 Cadillac sitting out in the grassy area beyond the parking zone.   She notified authorities, and after investigating were able to determine Garcia was the one driving the vehicle.

According to Sgt. Ken Lattin, Garcia was traveling at a very high rate of speed, lost control, and crashed.  He then abandoned the vehicle.   Officials didn't release any damage figures or say what might have been broken, but in order for the car to wind up where it did, it had to be traveling fast enough to shear off the sturdy vertical railroad tie barriers use to mark off parking areas.  Garcia sustained a fractured left wrist and a laceration to his right wrist in the crash.

Police did not specify what time accident occurred.

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