Get set for one more traffic inconvenience this Thursday. If you plan ahead, this one shouldn't be too painful.

Because of an equipment breakdown, a portion of Columbia Park Trail in Richland will be closed and a detour will be in place.

The City of Richland issued a release with the details:

As the Columbia Park Trail Road Improvement Project continues, on Thursday, August 26, city contractors will be closing lanes and shifting traffic to one-way only to allow paving of the south half of the roadway.

Starting at 6:00 a.m., traffic will switch to one lane, one-way, westbound only, from Columbia Center Boulevard to Fowler Street.

See the map below.

Credit: City of Richland
Credit: City of Richland

As far as accessing businesses on the south side of Columbia Park Trail, you can use side streets north of Fowler. Access to businesses on the south side of Columbia Park Trail will be from side streets, north of Fowler.

If you're planning to travel on Columbia Park Trail Thursday morning, be aware that from 6 am to 9 am, a detour will be in place directing eastbound traffic to State Route 240 to exit at Columbia Center Boulevard.

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