A bill proposed by Prosser legislator Rep. Bill Jenkin (Republican) has passed and been signed into law by Gov. Inslee, and will now require all motorcycle riders who have a street licensed bike to carry liability insurance, the same as other vehicles.

Liability comes in two forms, bodily injury and property damage. Most states, including Washington, require that for all vehicles.

Jenkin says many people do not know that motorcycles have not been required to carry liability, he says this protects a driver if they are involved or injured in an accident with a motorcycle. He says it will protect drivers from having their own rates go up if they're involved in a wreck with a motorcycle.

No figures were given by how many registered motorcycle riders do not have liability, but many experts in Olympia says a lot of them already do, especially those with more expensive machines.

The bill will become law 90 days after the adjournment of the State Legislature, which is scheduled for April 28th--pending any delays or failure to pass a budget (which we have seen several times in the last few years).

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