"I made this motion this morning It was seconded, and voted unanimously by all 3 Commissioners. Franklin County is now open for Business!!!"  Commissioner Clint Dider. (Tuesday morning 4-21 Commissioners meeting)

The Franklin County Commissioners voted unanimously to re-open the county today, based upon a statute. According to Washington State statutes, any shut down such as Stay at Home (for businesses included) issued by the Governor cannot extend beyond  30 days, without the House and Senate signing off on future extensions. The Commissioners noted we are going on day 90. Also, if the legislature is not in session, the leadership parties-officials of the House-Senate can sign to extend the shut down until the full House and Senate can meet to do so. But that has not happened either.

After a brief discussion, the Commissioners could not find any legal reason why they could not introduce a resolution, vote on it, and pass it, to end the business closures within the borders of Franklin County. The Commissioners went through a variety of legal avenues, examining and searching for reasons why they could not re open, and none were readily apparent. They stressed the safe, social distancing, intelligent approach, but said business can resume.

Commissioner Brad Peck read off the statute, and said the legislature is not in session, so they have not signed off on this extension. He noted Rep. Brad Klippert, House 8th District (Richland-TC) has been urging the House and Senate to take up the matter of the closures but they have not.  (to approach re opening from the legislative side).

If you watch the video, Commissioners cited the exact statute, and were not able to find any legal verification for Inslee's continuing the Stay at Home shutdown of non-essential businesses. Commissioner Clint Didier presented the resolution, and it passed.

"Barring any evidence from anybody that says we can't do this, I think we just need to step up there and say it's time," according to Commissioner Brad Peck.

The video shows the Commissioners unanimously passing the resolution with a vote, and now within the borders of Franklin County, non-essential businesses are open.

To see the video, and the actions all occur within the first 8-9 minutes, click on the button below.

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