The billboard that set some tongues wagging, and fired up a lot of discussion on social media might be coming down.

The Washington State Department of Health says it's considering possibly changing the billboard near Yakima, after receiving a number of complaints.  The billboard was designed with help from 60 area students, and it's part of the WSDH statewide campaign to urge teens to stay away from pot and drugs.

The billboard reads, "We don't need pot to have fun...We're Hispanics. We're cool by default."

Health Department officials didn't elaborate about specific complaints, but did say the billboard generated a lot of response, according to KNDU-TV.

The billboard is targeted at teen Hispanics. Some critics say the message is insulting to other ethnic groups, implying others have to work at being socially accepted. Others say it's an effective method of reaching that group of people.

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