A Kennewick drug dealer who was sentenced this week for dealing deadly Fentanyl was running a very extensive operation, and have some bizarre places to stash his pills.

Tyler Fertig, 24, was arrested last June after an undercover operation showed he was dealing in tens of thousands of dollars in Fentanyl. A person who was arrested agreed to supply information to authorities, who then set up the undercover op. He will be serving at least ten years, followed by five years of supervision.

Fertig was arrested after he sold 100 pills to a woman who was working with law enforcement in Kennewick. She paid him $1,400. Surveillance was also set up on his Finley home.

Following his arrest, authorities discovered extensive drug ledgers in his home, and his car. They also found three pistols and more than 1,000 pills.  Another suspect who was nabbed in the ring, Sean Buck, was found to have hidden pills in the headrest of his Cadillac.

Fertig had begun his drug operation initially to support his own habit, which grew to smoking some 50 pills a day. DEA and other authorities say Fentanyl was first developed for cancer patients and others experiencing extreme pain, but say it can be 80 to 100 times more powerful than Morphine. It's also far more dangerous, and accounts for the fastest growing level of drug death by overdose.


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