According to court documents, a convicted sex offender who was arrested for allegedly assaulting two small children ages 2 and 4 is now charged with sexual assault as well.

Walla Walla police say on May 7 22-year-old Stephan Cleveland and his 25-year-old girlfriend Jenean Lucero were arrested for the alleged assault of their two small girls after they made their room messy. The girls were in Lucero's apartment May 6 when they were brought to Providence St. Mary's Hospital with injuries. The younger child had a broken femur and two broken right forearm bones. Lucero told police they were hurt when a large storage rack fell over on them, she said she was alone with them at the time.

However, after interviewing the girls police learned Cleveland was there and he assaulted them. The storage rack was made of very light materials, and not capable of causing the injuries.

During subsequent interviews, the four-year-old revealed Cleveland had sexually assaulted her by inserting a sex toy into her.

The children told police both suspects became upset when the child accidentally knocked over the storage rack, and they both also spanked both children. The younger girl was flown to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, but will recover from her injuries.

Cleveland is a Level 3 sex offender, having been found guilty of second-degree child rape in 2014. He is not allowed to be around children. Both suspects are now facing multiple felony charges. Cleveland's trial is set to begin in Walla Walla June 24.

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