Bail has been set at $100K for a Richland man accused of sexually assaulting a woman whom authorities say has the mental capabilities of a person ages 10-13.

The woman, whom Richland Police say is under 18, apparently told a school resource officer on March 30 about a sexual assault.

29-year-old Tyron Alan Kreider is now in jail following an investigation. Court documents and Police say the woman told the resource officer about the most recent of several sexual assaults by the suspect.

In the most recent incident, the victim said Kreider drove her in his van to a Richland park, under the guise of playing Pokemon Go. However, he forced her into the back of his van, made her drink alcohol and marijuana, and forcibly sexually assaulted her.

The woman told authorities this kind of scenario, with the sexual assaults, had occurred a multitude of times, and at various locations in the area.

Authorities did not release any further information about the woman or the case but did say Kreider is facing suspicion of Felony 2nd Degree Rape charges. Officials did not offer a timeline of how long exactly the assaults had been going on, but they apparently have been multiple.

They did not say how the victim knew the suspect, or what their connection has been.


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