I've heard that if you cook your turkey breast-side down, it's self-basting and turns out juicier overall. The answer is...YES!

Nothing is worse than dry white meat, and if you have family members that only like the dark meat for this reason, just wait until you cook your turkey this way!

I don't think I'll ever cook a turkey the traditional way again! I didn't baste it once in the entire cooking process. The breast meat was simply perfect! The wings do get a bit overcooked but they often do anyway. Thighs and drum sticks were perfect!. This is a 14 pounder.

The pic below (now the bird is right-side-up) shows that it's not a table-presentation bird because the breast doesn't brown when you cook it upside down, naturally. So just carve it up and serve the juicy slices on a nice platter for company.

You will seriously be amazed at how juicy the breast meat is.

Steve Woods/TSM
Steve Woods/TSM


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