I've always heard, the number one rule in hunting on private land is to get permission. When in doubt, clear out.  Oregon State Patrol and Department of Wildlife officials are looking for these two men, and possibly a third, in connection with three elk which were found to have been killed illegally. Their bodies and meat were left to rot.

Oregon officials say the two men, captured here on one of those sophisticated outdoor surveillance cameras, were obviously hunting and were contacted by a landowner. They were told they were on private land, in Morrow County.

After the photo was taken, officials discovered three elk were illegally taken (killed) between September 16th and 23rd. They were found near Martin Prairie, near Forest Service Road 21 not far from Heppner, OR. The suspects are believed to have been camping nearby.

The animals were left to rot, none of their meat appeared to be taken. That would lead officials to believe the poachers were simply out 'shooting up' the animals. Anyone with any leads or information is asked to anonymously call 541-561-7581. All leads can be confidential. Oregon officials also say people can report information on the TIP hotline at 800-452-7888. This can be done 24 hours a day.

Poaching is considered a serious enough crime that rewards up to $1,000 are available for information leading to the apprehension of suspects, depending upon the type of animal illegally taken. Bighorn sheep, mountain goats can bring $1,000, $500 for elk deer and antelope.  The two suspects again pictured below.

Oregon Heppner area poachers (Oregon State Police)
Oregon Heppner area poachers (Oregon State Police)

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