In California, they're calling it the "SoCal Cell Sting," among other things, and it has drivers up in arms.

 ABC7-TV in Glendale, CA reported Thursday on their Facebook page that people posing as what would appear to be homeless or destitute persons looking for handouts are actually police officers or operatives, and they are looking for drivers violating cellphone laws.

The TV station plans a full expose' on the Thursday night news, and the pictures they posted have elicited a wide range of responses, including:  (names omitted for privacy) Some of the responses contain saucy language.

"Well of course they aren't looking for real criminals."

"Just plain clothed officers generating revenue via entrapment stings. Their bosses only care about the money, not safety! Fatten their checks and pensions off of hardworking people. It's bad enough the high taxes already paid and spent on wars, what little people make is squeezed out further by fuel prices, local taxes on money you've already paid taxes on and tickets are the final FU by the government."
"What a trap! These fools don't know what it's like to be homeless! Stop using mockery for an entrapment! What a shame on the police department!"

"Great to see this . So many people have lost their life over a stupid driver texting !! Hopefully this sends out a message to all the irresponsible people that do everything else but pay attention to the road !"

 Of the responses we skimmed through, it appears to be a 60-40% margin against the idea, most felt the police had better things to do and it was entrapment.
   What are YOUR thoughts?  Clever, or another violation of privacy and entrapment?

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