Kennewick has a team of cops known as the CAT, or Criminal Apprehension Team. They apparently are night owls, as they often conduct operations well after midnight. Patrolling, searching and busting bad guys.

No exception here. Acting on a tip, the CAT team raided a home in the 8600 block of Arrowhead Ave., part of a narcotics investigation. Around 3:30am Thursday morning they were at the location.

They found a 6-felon wanted suspect, and a woman wanted as well. 37-year-old Jerrod J. Hale was taken into custody, and 29-year-old Krista A. Fujihara was also arrested.

CAT might not be done, the investigation continues. Guess they figure when it comes to bad guys, they gotta sleep sometime...and then, the Sandman comes.

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