In a late breaking announcement Thursday into Friday afternoon, Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Maia Espinoza announced she's learned the State Supreme Court has ruled in her favor, in her appeal of a ruling made by a Thurston County Superior Court Judge.

The Supreme Court ruling will apparently overturn the lower court ruling and allow Espinoza to continue to use the following phrase in her voter's pamphlet.

 “The incumbent ignored parents and educators by championing a policy that teaches sexual positions to 4th graders!”

SPI Chris Reykdal had taken court action to have it removed from the voter's pamphlet back in June, claiming the statement was defamatory. The voter's pamphlets were due to be issued in early July.

 Espinoza's campaign manager said one of the books set to be utilized as part of Reykdal's controversial sexual educational program included images of sexual positions including masturbation.

Espinoza's statement released Friday read in part:

OSPI Incumbent Chris Reykdal sued me when I tried to share with voters that he "championed the controversial sex-ed legislation, passed in Olympia this year.
Unfortunately, he won in the Thurston County Superior Court…
But, the State Supreme Court overruled the lower Court and ruled against Reykdal’s attempt to hide the truth!"
    The Phrase was removed from the primary voter's pamphlet but will be put back in the November version, which will come out before the general election.  Espinoza released this video on her Facebook page to announce the ruling.
  To see the video, click on the button below.
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