It really comes as no surprise, it's the latest COVID-19 scam(s) making the rounds.

The Federal Trade Commission has issued information in the last week warning consumers about a series of vaccine related scams that are defrauding people out of money, and resulting in stolen ID's.

The FTC says people all over the country (and in WA State too) are getting random texts messages or calls asking them to take a survey about the various vaccines. These messages are targeted towards the Phizer, Maderna, AstaZenaca, and presumably the Johnson-Johnson one as well.

Would-be victims are told by taking the survey they will get a reward or prize, BUT they have to pay for the shipping fees. As part of the survey, they're asked a limited number of questions, but it also asks for their debit or a credit card number to 'pay for the shipping.'

The FTC and other government officials say none of the vaccine or medical companies will EVER make such demands in a survey; in fact, the only surveys that are being conducted are in the infant stages and only with people who have gotten the vaccine.

These surveys are not really surveys, but vaccinated people being followed up with by their own doctors or medical professionals.

NEVER give out personal bank or ID data to anyone unless you know them, or are making a secure trusted online purchase.

IF you receive a text or phone call, if you wish, don't respond but write down the number and look it up online. It's likely you will see it's been reported already as a scam or robocall.


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