There have been two variations of the original COVID-19 strain, one from the UK detected late last summer-fall, and over the winter, a South African version.

For the most part, the UK version has shown to spread more quickly and easily as it appears to be more contageous. However, although research continues, it has not shown any major mutations or changes from the original.

It's likely for that reason Benton Franklin Health Officials are being calm but cautious about a report that the UK strain has shown up in a sample taken in Benton County.

According to the WSDOH, about 3 percent of positive cases are genome sequence tested for more information. This is how officials learned it has shown up here. However, health officials across the country are prepared for if or when these two variants arrive in their areas.

Officials say a lot more research and study is being and will continue to be done, but so far there has not been a huge difference in the three; aside from the UK being more contageous.

The newer UK variant is officially referred to as  B.1.1.7. In the last week, even the BBC reported there's no evidence yet of these two variants being more deadly or harmful than the original. The health risk groups remain the same; elderly and immune compromised or poor health individuals.

According to other news reports the Pfizer COVID vaccine has shown it can kill the 2 new variants besides the original COVID-19.

One of the ways to help ensure you stay healthy in general is to boost your immune system. Perhaps some ideas to accomplish this.


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