Oregon Sherriffs are investigating whether animals solicited through Craigslist are being used for target practice.

The Marion County (OR) Sherriff's office is investigating claims made by witnesses that a group of people are soliciting for animals on the internet trading site Craigslist, then using them for target practice in the wild.

Sound too crazy to be true?   Perhaps, but Marion County officials are investigating the reports. Numerous calls and emails have come into the Sherriff's department, claiming the group looks for animals on Craigslist by responding to ads for people seeking to find 'good free homes for domestic animals.' The pets, especially cats, are then used for target practice.  Several callers say pictures of the incidents have been posted on social network sites! An ad was posted in the Salem, OR Craiglist section asking people pull their ads looking for 'free homes' for unwanted pets until the perpetrators can be stopped.