You've probably heard of the controversy over the recent skyrocketing price of Epi pens, or the devices people use for often life-saving treatment for allergic reactions and other issues.

Well, KREM-2 TV in Spokane is reporting a man was busted by police for allegedly selling 'second-hand' pens on Craiglist.

The man, identified as Tom Hendershott, thought he was helping people out. He saw stories about people paying more than $600, some even as much as $1,000 for the pens. He said he got them for free from  Craiglist ad, and he turned around and was offering them for cash. The amount was not listed by KREM TV and the ad has since been taken down.

Police say it's illegal to sell a prescription item, and if you do sell such an item, and the buyer suffers any sort of physical or medical adverse reaction, YOU could be held liable.

Hendershott says he ended up giving them to his neighbor. He told KREM he got a variety of reactions from responders to his ad, many of them accusing him of taking advantage of people with health issues. Authorities did not say if Hendershott would actually be charged.

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