Years ago, I actually rattle canned an old Chevy truck I had, from blue to grey. It was primer, after having sanded it. It took a while, but when done, it pretty much looked grey. In this case, a truck thief apparently didn't realize white over green paint requires more than one quickie coat.

Early Saturday morning, Kennewick police easily spotted a stolen green Dodge 1500 pickup, mainly because the thief's attempt to spray paint the truck white was done miserably! Police are trained to spot what looks like 'paint-over' work on stolen vehicles.

Just after 2am, police saw the mottled truck near 10th and Union, and promptly pulled it over. They'd taken a report of a stolen green truck Thursday, and the white was not enough to hide the green showing through.

Stolen truck thief apprehended (Kennewick police)

The police report even stated on Facebook a "very poor" white spray paint coat applied to the vehicle. 21-year old Gina M Esquivel was taken into custody on auto theft charges. Her unnamed 32-year-old passenger was released without any charges.

The truck has been returned to it's owner.