Kennewick Police reported Saturday a black Ford F-150 stolen from NW Motorsports in Pasco has been recovered.

The situation began a few days ago, when NW Motorsports in Pasco reported a black 2012 F-150 pickup was stolen from their lot January 13th.

Then over the weekend, a Kennewick property owner called Police to report a strange black F-150 was parked on his land; neighbors said it had showed up 4-5 days prior; probably around January 25-26.

After Police arrived, the plates came back registered to a driver in Benton County.  Sheriff's Deputies contacted the owner, and discovered the man owned an identical truck, just one model year different. The plates on HIS truck belonged with the stolen Ford.

Deputies and Police quickly figured out the thieves had gone to great lengths to 'conceal' this theft:

1) they apparently searched for a vehicle matching the stolen truck.

2) they stole the plates from the second truck, and mounted them on the one they stole in Pasco. They apparently thought 'matching' the stolen vehicle to another one would help hide the theft.

The plates have been returned to the rightful owner, and KPD says the truck is back at NW Motorsports. Meanwhile, Pasco Police continue to handle the investigation. It appears between January 13 when it was stolen, and around the 25-26th when it was apparently 'abandoned' on the Kennewick homeowner's property, someone had been driving it around.

Pasco Police have not indicated if any arrests or suspects.

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