A late night car crash ended up leading Hermiston police to a man's apartment, turns out he was a felon and had a massive amount of illegal pot.

Wednesday morning around 1am, according to the East Oregonian, 27-year-old Richard Rhoades failed to stop when police tried to pull him over for a traffic violation.

Rhoades sped away, and was able to briefly elude Hermiston police and Oregon State Patrol officers. But they soon found his car wrecked after hitting an electrical box and house on South 16th Street.

Although Rhoades was nowhere to be found, evidence in his car, including a gun, an ID card, and more. The evidence led them to the Sunland Apartments on West Sunland Ave. They found Rhoades in his apartment, but it's what was with him that was stunning.

Rhoades, a convicted felon, had 75lbs of pot, a massive stash. They also found three handguns, one reported stolen, and two rifles.  Police also found, perhaps more disturbingly, butane honey oil. It's a substance that's created by way of a highly volatile process that can result in large explosions. Had one of those happened, it would have taken out several apartments.

Rhoades is facing a laundry list of charges.

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