Just like two years ago, when there was an election held to replace the retiring Doc Hastings, Dan Newhouse and Clint Didier will square off again in November for the 4th. Congressional District seat.

After Tuesday's primary, Newhouse and Didier snapped up over 73% of the votes in Benton County, and pretty much around the rest of the 4th. Congressional District.

Democratic candidate Doug McKinley got 22 percent, but only the top two will move onto the November General Election.

Newhouse got 45 percent, with Didier 29.  Those margins are wider than in 2014, when Didier and Newhouse also squared off. It was the first time in state history two candidates from the same party faced each other in a November election for a Congressional seat.

The 2014 race was a LOT closer than expected with Newhouse winning by a slim margin. Didier used to his advantage, voter dissatisfaction with the 'establishment' GOP party, and Newhouse's corporate donors and money. He is still pursuing that angle this year.

However, Newhouse did perform well in a number of areas, enough to perhaps earn some votes from citizens who weren't sure about him going in. Largely pegged as a very moderate Republican, he did take some strong conservative stands on some big issues in Washington D.C.

So, again in November, it will be Didier's grassroots campaign, vs. the high-powered and financed campaign of Newhouse.

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