The drivers and their cars are the stars of the show and it's nice to know the organizers of the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo are dealing double the dollars to dominate in the always sold-out event.

Duane Howard, President of the Benton Franklin Fair Board said, “We want to acknowledge the time and effort drivers put in to make the event a success. The Demo Derby is a fan favorite and sells out every year as the drivers and their cars are the stars of the show." Howard continued, ”Whether drivers are racing or smashing their cars at the event, it takes a significant investment of time and money to build out a car for the Demolition Derby held each August as we kick-off the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo."

The total prize money was increased from $8,900 to $20,650 for the 2020 Derby. The biggest check will go to the winner of the large car Demolition Derby. In 2019, the winner received $1,500. This year, with the increased payout, that prize will be $4,000.

Prize money has been increased across all categories. This event is part of the CrashMania Demoliton Derby series.

It's hoped the money will increase the number of cars who compete in the actual derby at the end of the evening. Dozens and dozens of cars race in the heats and trophy dashes, but the number of actual 'smash and crash' competitors has dropped -- not just here but at derbies around the region.

For a more detailed look, including complete lists and entry information, go here.

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