Politics just got a little more dangerous.

In their never-ending efforts to remain in power, gain an advantage, and win elections, Democratic campaign workers are testing the boundaries of privacy, safety and security by following and/or stalking GOP candidates; frantically looking for the slightest bit of dirt, misbehavior or controversy they can exploit.

House Democrats are now doing something even national security officials say is dangerous:   they are setting up webcams, and streaming 24-7 surveillance of GOP Leaders' homes on the internet...live! Most politicians are used to being hounded in public by video crews, or reporters.  But this new 24-7 invasion violates the long-standing agreement about privacy, and many view it as dangerous.  How would you feel if someone were videotaping or streaming live coverage of your home, 24-7, on the internet?   Having the camera track every move you make around the house?   Would you feel violated?  Probably so.

GOP officials have resorted to tactics such as this a few times as well, in some state and regional elections.   However,  none of their video ever made it to the internet, and only some bits and pieces were used in making tv commercials.  One GOP leader was alerted by a neighbor that a 'hunter' as they are called, was lurking in the bushes outside the leader's home.

Security experts say the tactics are dangerous, especially following the not-too-distant attack on Arizona Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, who was shot in the head but survived.   It was later discovered her attacker had been using similar stalking techniques to follow her.

What are your thoughts?   Regardless of party affiliation,  is it ok to  "spy" or stalk political leaders with video cameras and stream live footage of their homes and streets on the web?  Take our poll.

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