Adams County Deputies are seeking this youthful-looking driver as well as their damaged silver Hyundai Tiberon.

   Deputies bust up a huge 100-person party, Lots of vehicles there as well

Saturday, September 18th, in the late evening, Adams County Deputies were dispatched about a loud noise complaint coming from a location in the 600 block of South Wagon Road. It was a location about a half-mile from the center of Othello and the high school on the west edge of town.

Upon arrival, Deputies reported they found well over 100 people, many in various states of intoxication, and some reports indicate many were underage.

While attempting to secure the location, the ACSO reports this youthful-looking guy tried to flee the scene in their silver Hyundai Tiberon. In doing so, they backed into another vehicle causing damage, then despite officers trying to detain the suspect, they sped away. The driver narrowly missed several Deputies by only a foot or two.

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One of the officers did manage to get this image of the driver behind the wheel. No word if any plate was noted on the car. Officers did not pursue the suspect, instead had to stay and secure the location, and break up the 'festivities.'

No word if any arrests came out of this 'gathering.'

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