The California Highway Patrol called the effort "next-level" modeling, but it still resulted in a citation.

  Driver busted for extremely realistic dummy in passenger seat in carpool lane

Most major metro areas in the US have carpool-only lanes on their highways. We see them in Seattle and Portland. And, drivers are consistently trying to game the system by dressing up dummy passengers so they can meet the two-person limit.

A few years ago, a guy near Seattle got cited for having a cardboard cutout of the famous Dos Equis Beer Spokesman in his car. But this one from CA goes way beyond that.

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Last week, CHP Officers working the Santa Fe Springs area east of LA and Northwest of Anaheim, when they spotted this stunningly realistic but plastic dude sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

CHP said on their Instagram page it was "next-level" modeling, but the goatee was a little too perfect. That's what led to the traffic stop, and the passenger didn't move at all.

According to the CHP:

"So folks have been asking, “If I have a mannequin in the passenger seat, does that count as a second occupant in the vehicle? Trying to use the carpool lane with no one else in the car!”

They went on to say, unequivocally, NO.

In CA, the penalties for violating carpool lane restrictions are even higher than in WA, $490!  CHP says this driver was cited for multiple violations of the policy.

No financial deduction was given for the cleverness of the attempt. He looks a little bit like Snoop Dogg.


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