Officials at the online GoFundMe organization are trying to figure out where $2,200 went that was supposed to go to a little four-month-old infant who recently underwent open-heart surgery!  Fraud investigators think somebody else scammed it.

Tom and Laura Leingang have a four-month old son named Lucas, who underwent open-heart surgery when he was only six weeks old. The family, who lives in the Seattle suburb of Lynnwood WA, spent nearly months 'living' at the hospital while Lucas recovered. An online friend of theirs, whom they've known for nearly ten years, told them they set up a GoFundMe account to help.

Some 57 donors contributed a much-needed $2,200. But for the last two and half months, the Leingang's have been trying to access the funds, which apparently don't exist!

Authorities, including the Snohomish County Sherriff's office and fraud investigators at GoFundMe, say apparently the organizer who set up the page listed a girlfriend as the benefactor. The Leingang's were NEVER LISTED on the page as recipients.

Somebody already withdrew the money earlier this year and the page shows it's not available. Snohomish County authorities and GoFundMe are now working to find out exactly who withdrew it and who authorized the withdrawal.

But a bit of good news, GoFundMe officials say they will make sure the Leingang's get every penny that's due to them-regardless if the original funds are ever recovered.  We say there will be a special place in 'hades' for whoever did this.  It's bad enough to take 'candy from a baby,' but funds from a sick child is heinous!

A newer, legitimate GoFundMe has been started for the family that puts full financial control in the hands of Tom and Laura, and it's already generated $1,015.


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