These are not single-family dwellings, but Pasco and Kennewick have each received funding from the WA State Department of Commerce for housing projects.

  One in Pasco, one in Kennewick.

The grants are part of $47 million funding statewide that will create 3,000 units that the state calls affordable housing units.

Pasco has received $2 million for a project called Tierra Vida III through the Jubilee Foundation CHIP, while Kennewick will get $1.3 million to develop a multi-unit complex near 13th and Gum, referred to as the Bubble on Gum project.

That is being overseen by the Kennewick Housing Authority. Two other projects are coming to Yakima as well.  These are part of a push from the state to try to alleviate housing shortages. However, the vast majority of the projects are multi-family dwellings or apartment-type complexes.

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Currently, there are a couple of Tierra Vida complexes on A Street in Pasco, featuring a mix of single and multi-family dwellings.

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