There isn't anyone working with the Benton County Sheriff's Office named Fred Williams, so why is he calling people?

The latest scam involves bail money to avoid arrest

The BCSO is reporting they've received a significant number of calls from citizens informing them that Mr. Williams is trying to get bail money.

The caller tells citizens they have an outstanding warrant, and in order to quash, or nullify it, the person needs to provide them with bail money.

The BCSO says there's no Fred Williams working for them, and even if he were, no law enforcement agency will EVER call people and demand money in exchange for dropping an alleged outstanding arrest warrant.

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Never give any kind of sensitive information over the phone or via email for that matter, and that includes even your address. If you can, report the number the person called from to authorities, and include any other details you may have picked up from the caller.

In the meantime, hopefully, Mr. Williams is unsuccessful in his quest.

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