Time to settle the debate, once and for all!

Now, we probably agree celebrating Mom and Dad isn't a competition,  and it's not HOW MUCH you spend, but the thought...or is it?

It's often been debated whether Americans (and people world wide) spend more on Fathers Day or Mothers Day.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper in England,   The National Retail Foundation has issued their latest study of Mom vs. Dad spending habits.

If you guessed Mom, you're right.  Approximately $7 BILLION more is spend on Mother's Day gifts than for Dads.  The average amount spent on Mom is over $162, while the average amount for Dad is about $113.00.

One thing, though that the two holidays share is a noticeable decline in spending.  According to the Foundation,  2014 spending for both Mom and Dad has dropped, on average, by at least $6.00 for each person buying a gift.   Experts tie it to economic issues.

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