Maybe the Washington state Department of Transportation needs to listen to us before they think it's feasible.

Newstalk 870 recently asked our listeners and friends on our website what their thoughts were on the DOT and state considering a pay-as-you-drive mileage tax that would gradually replace the gas tax.

According to DOT officials, it would be phased in while the gas tax is phased out, because increased fuel economy and hybrids are causing the state to lose money on fuel taxes. Here are the results of our poll:

  • lower gas tax, cut spending - 71% in favor
  • both taxes are ridiculous - 14%
  • if it's cheaper than gas tax, OK - 7%
  • if it's in effect while gas tax is still around, no! 7%

The rest of respondents were undecided.   Washington is not the only state considering such a move. Newstalk 870 recently reported Congress is quietly keeping a pay-as-you-drive mileage tax as an option to replace the federal gas tax. We shall see what happens soon! It went from being just an idea early in 2012, to now being considered feasible by the DOT.

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