The doctor who looks after the skin of celebrity Taylor Swift has said this week people should treat exposure to computer screens and cellphones the same as they would the sun.

Dr. Howard Murad is a dermatologist who, according to the Daily Mail Newspaper, provides care for Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and others. He said on a popular British morning TV show this week that four days of exposure (typical work hours) to computer or cellphone screens, is the same as sitting in direct hot sun for 20 minutes. Direct hot sun without any skin protection.

According to the Mail, Murad says the UV rays and other emissions from screens on phones and computers produce the same effects on skin as does the sun, except it just takes longer.

He says such screens emit similar ultraviolet or blue rays that cause skin issues as the sun. Besides using sun block, he says you can 'eat' sun block as well, by consuming pomegranate, pink grapefruit and watermelon, which help protect and rebuild skin.

He also said excessive exposure to computer screens, which happens to many desk job workers, can suppress the body's manufacture of melatonin. This, he says, explains why many people who work on computers are increasingly having sleep issues as well. And not just computers, but excessive digital consumption has been believed to cause sleep issues with people, especially younger ones.

So, he believes people should lather on a thin layer of sunscreen at least a few times a week, especially if you sit on front of a computer for hours at a time all week.

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